The full ACCA qualification has three key levels of exams; Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Proessional. There aren't any detailed rules as to the order in which you sit your ACCA exams, however, to sit an exam at the next level you must have finished the exams at the previous level or be sitting your final exam(s) at the lower level alongside the first exam(s) of the next level.

In addition to this rule, ACCA advise that you attempt their Ethics and Professional Skills module before you sit any exams on Strategic Professional. ACCA say that students who do so are statistically proven to increase their chances of passing the exams.

If you are considering studying AAA as one of your options subjects, please be aware that we strongly recommend that you attempt this after or at the same time as studying SBR.

You should also be aware with all subjects at this level there will be a certain amount of assumed knowledge from earlier subjects at Applied Skills level, so if you were exempt or sat these some time ago, you should use the resources and advice in the beginning of your course to refresh your understanding.

Finally, if you are a level 7 apprentice you will need to sit SBL as your final exam as this will in effect be your end point assessment. It is recommended (although not compulsory) that all students try to sit this as their last exam as this subject assesses professional skills that your will have built up over the course of your studies and work experience, so you will be better prepared for this towards the end of your qualification.