Clear cache and cookies:

Internet Explorer:

Click ALT + T together and then select 'delete browsing history' please ensure only 'temporary internet files' and 'cookies' are selected, and that 'preserve favourites website data' is unchecked, then click 'delete'.

Please note: from January 2020 Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 and 11 stopped being supported, and you can no longer access MyKaplan using IE11.

Google Chrome:

Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select 'history'. Click 'clear browsing data' at the top left. This will open a new window: Click 'cookies and other site and plug-in data', and 'cached images and files'. Also make sure that you are clearing data from the 'beginning of time'.

Mozilla Firefox:

Click the menu button, choose 'history', and then 'clear recent history'. Click the drop-down menu next to 'time range' to clear and select everything. Next, click the arrow next to 'details' to select exactly what information will be cleared. Select 'cookies and cache', then select 'clear now'.

Safari (Apple):

Click Safari in the upper left hand side of your screen. In the menu that appears, click 'preferences'. In the window that appears, click the 'privacy' tab. Click the button 'remove all website data'. Click 'remove now' in the pop up window that appears.

For all:

Once completed, please restart your browser.