If your computer or device does not meet our minimum system requirements, you may experience problems when you try to access MyKaplan. You should check the following:

  • Your device is a Microsoft PC (Apple/Linux/Tablets/Smartphones have limited support for some content).
  • Your browser is preferably Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Other browsers may, dependent on learning content experience limited operation.
  • Please note: from January 2020 Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 and 11 stopped being supported, and you can no longer access MyKaplan using IE11.
  • You have disabled any pop-up blocking software (contact us if you need guidance).
  • You do not have any toolbars installed (contact us if you need guidance).
  • You are using version 10.1 or higher of Adobe Flash Player, download it now for free.
  • You have Java installed on your computer, download it now for free.

NOTE: It is advisable to restart your computer after carrying out these steps.