We are able to provide adjustments to our printed learning materials:

  • Our materials can be produced in a choice of formats, e.g. coloured paper, enlarged text, coloured overlays.
  • All material produced in Word is compatible with reading aloud software.
  • Texts are produced in flowable e-book format, so you can use your hand held devices, or your laptops/desktops to adjust the font size to whatever is best for you.

And we can help with online materials:

  • You can adjust some things, such as font size, colour or sound, yourself, and we can help if you’re not sure what else is available.
  • Our high contrast online videos offer screen reader support and have accessible controls, including sliders for play head and volume control.
  • Our online assessments can be tailored to allow extra time, amendments to font size, typeface and colours.

For more information please see our Accessibility page.