The updated syllabus includes how the digital world affects finance - this can be seen through the introduction of digital costing and digital strategy. Topics such as cybersecurity and business models have also been incorporated. Existing areas, such as integrated reporting, have been expanded to reflect their growing prominence.

The updates have been introduced to reflect the modern business world, making sure that you’re equipped with the most up to date knowledge to get ahead in your career.

Updated syllabus areas


There are no changes to the Certificate in Business Accounting syllabus.


E1: Managing Finance in a Digital World (formerly Organisational Management)

  • Role of the finance function
  • *NEW* Technology in a digital world
  • *NEW* Data and information in a digital world
  • *NEW* Shape and structure of the finance function
  • Finance interacting with the organisation

P1: Management Accounting

  • Cost accounting for decision and control
  • Budget and budgetary control
  • Short term commercial decision making
  • Dealing with uncertainty in the short term

F1: Financial Reporting (formerly Financial Reporting and Taxation)

  • Regulatory environment of financial reporting
  • Financial statements*
  • Principles of taxation
  • Managing cash and working capital

*Group accounts have been removed from the previous syllabus and placed in F2


E2: Managing Performance (formerly Project Management) 

  • *NEW* Business models
  • Managing people performance
  • Managing projects

P2: Advanced Management Accounting

  • Managing costs of creating value
  • Capital investment decision making
  • Managing and controlling performance of organisational units
  • Risk and control

F2: Advanced Financial Reporting

  • Financing capital projects
  • Financial reporting standards
  • Group accounts
  • *NEW* Integrated reporting
  • Analysing financial statements


E3: Strategic Management

  • *NEW* Strategy process
  • Analysing the organisational ecosystem
  • Generating strategic options
  • Making strategic choices
  • Strategic control
  • *NEW* Digital strategy

P3: Risk Management

  • Enterprise risk
  • Strategic risk
  • Internal controls
  • *NEW* Cyber risks

F3: Financial strategy

  • Financial policy decisions
  • Sources of long term funds
  • *NEW* Financial risks
  • Business valuation

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