You should arrive at the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to start so you can register.

You'll need to bring photo ID with you, such as a driving licence or passport.

You are not permitted to bring your mobile phone, pencil case or any paper, books or notes into the room with you. An on-screen calculator will be available for you to use or you can bring your own if it’s on the CIMA approved list.

Read the on-screen instructions before you begin. Once you've been given permission to begin you'll have a maximum of 2 hours to complete the assessment. The on-screen timer will show you how long you have left.

You do not need to answer the questions in order so you can return to a question later. Don’t leave any multiple choice questions left unanswered. If you’re not sure, make your best guess. Use any time left at the end to review your answers.

The assessment will automatically end after your 2 hours are up. If you finish early and you've answered all questions as best as possibly can, click ‘Exit’ to submit your exam.

The invigilator will inform you of your result at the end of the exam. If you were unsuccessful, we'll help you to arrange a resit.